Below you will find a long version of my resume. A condensed version can be downloaded here.

Professional experience

Freelance Language Consultant 2012 - Present

Localization and Consulting for ExpectLabs

  • Localizing queries
  • App testing
  • Advising on Dutch media landscape
  • Consulting on best practices for localization management

Linguistic Quality Assurance for Jawbone

  • Procedural testing of apps.
  • Logging and escalating translation issues and minor technical issues.
  • Maintaining style consistency and branding.
  • Conferencing with first-line translators.

Instructional design for Uitgeverij Deviant

  • Creating ESL exams.
  • Writing teachers manuals.
  • Compiling answer guides.
  • Copy-editing existing ESL material.
  • Creating reading comprehension material.

Workflow and Documentation Localization for Crowdflower

  • Localizing user documentation.
  • Localizing workflow.
  • Creating localized benchmarks for user performance.

Projects for individual clients

  • Editing memoires of a World War II survivor.
  • Editing Master level theses (General Management, International Business and Corporate Governance).
  • Editing graduate school admissions essays (American universities).
  • Editing cover letters and resumes (tech industry).
  • Translating an award-winning short story for a writing contest.
  • Translating a speech for a UN conference.

Writer/ Editor at Uitgeverij Deviant January 2008 – December 2012
Uitgeverij Deviant is a small, privately held publishing house that specializes in educational material for adolescents and adults in vocational education. Since 2008 the company has grown from 5 employees to 90+ employees, in part due to my contributions to revenue generating publications.

Some responsibilities:

  • Developing and writing a series of books and online content for social studies.
  • Writing original copy for bestselling print and online publications for Dutch and English as a second language.
  • Editing copy for bestselling print and online publications for Dutch, English as a second language and social studies.
  • Creating documentation translating educational government policy into concrete teaching goals for teachers.
  • Developing assessments and accredited exams for Dutch and English as a second language.
  • Managing contacts with authors, photographers, artists and copyright intermediaries whose material is used in publications.
  • Supporting teachers with acute in-classroom questions.
  • Providing guidance to managers, deans and board members on implementing educational policies.
  • Speaking at teacher conferences and feedback meetings.
  • Providing technical assistance to students, teachers, managers and IT professionals for our online products.
  • Assisting with in-classroom pilot projects of new materials.

Part-time jobs during high school and college July 1998 – December 2007 Among which:

  • Legal service correspondence for public transit organization Connexxion.
  • Technical support for internet and telephone service provider @Home.
  • Information officer for national government service and information call center Postbus 51.
  • Telephone number look up and connection service agent at KPN.
  • Mail person for TPG Post.
  • Clown at Pipoos.

General publications

Berkeley Humane Blog

Village Entrepreneur Group Blog

Educational publications

Can Do Economie, published: August 2015, print Can Do Economie B

Schokland 3.0 series, (acknowledged author), published: July 2012, print.

Schokland Handboek

Schokland Werkboek niveau 2

Schokland Werkboek niveau 3-4

Kies (acknowledged author), date published: June 2012, print.

Kies1 leerwerkboek burgerschap

Accredited exams Dutch B1 / B2 (no authors listed), published: December 2011, accredited: April 2012, proprietary.

ViaStarttaal series (no authors listed)

Viastarttaal 4F, date published: July 2011, online.

Viastarttaal 3F, date published: July 2008, online.

Viastarttaal 2F, date published: July 2008, online.

Viastarttaal 1F, date published: July 2008, online.

Via series (unacknowledged author)

Via 1F Uiterlijke verzorging, published: February 2011, print.

Via B1 Welzijn, published: July 2008, print.

Accredited exams English B1 / B2 (no authors listed), published December 2010, accredited: April 2012, proprietary.

Nieuw Schokland series (unacknowledged author), published: July 2008, print.

Nieuw Schokland Handboek

Nieuw Schokland Werboek niveau 2 deel A

Nieuw Schokland Werboek niveau 2 deel B

Nieuw Schokland Werboek niveau 3-4 deel A

Nieuw Schokland Werboek niveau 3-4 deel B

Language Level Assessment(no authors listed), published: ongoing since July 2008, online.

Language Level Assessment

Taalniveautest Nederlands(no authors listed), published: ongoing since July 2008, online

Taalniveautest Nederlands


2008 – 2009, Universiteit van Utrecht (Utrecht University)

Literatuurwetenschap (Literary Studies), Master of Arts

Focus: medieval literature, postmodern literature, technology in literature.

Thesis subject: immersive technology experiences and bodily agency in contemporary fiction.

2005– 2008, Universiteit van Utrecht (Utrecht University)

Algemene Taal- en Cultuurstudies (General Language and Culture studies), Bachelor of Arts

Focus: Historic Dutch and English texts, translation theory, writing for education.

Thesis subject: development of a model for intralingual translation of historic texts.

Internship: writer / editor at Uitgeverij Deviant.

2002 – 2005, ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen(College for Interpreting and Translation)

Vertaler Engels (Translator English)

Focus: Translation of texts between Dutch and English, Editorial skills.

SNEVT examens, (National Translation Exams) passed: 3 (Dutch - English, English - Dutch, editing)

2001 - 2002, Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving Den Bosch (Academy for Fine Arts and Design Den Bosch)

Illustratieve vormgeving (Illustrative Arts)


Native level fluency: Dutch, English.

Some understanding of: French, German, Middle Dutch, Middle English.

Software and programming

Extensive working knowledge of: Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS (X, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion), Microsoft Office, Open Office.

Some working knowledge of: Transifex, InCopy, Jira, Testrails, Python, Wordpress, HTML, Debian (Lenny).

Volunteer causes and hobbies

Blog Manager for Berkeley Humane.

Board member of the Village Residents Association in UC Berkeley’s ‘University Village’.

Chair of the Village Residents Association’s Communication Committee.

Co-Founder of the Village Entrepreneur Group.

Prior causes: Providing care and socialization to shelter dogs, volunteer journalist for street newspaper, moderator and admin of an online lifestyle community.

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, whisky tasting, hiking, train travel.